Wait what. You are not thrilled with the photos you are getting from your digital camera. The answer is not a new camera it is learning to use the one you have got. After all, it is not the camera that takes great photos it is the person behind it.

With Your Camera Loves You Learn to Love it Back, photographer and instructor Khara Plicanic teaches the basics of photography and digital camera functions that you can apply to any camera, anywhere, any time answering questions like What do all those different modes mean and when do I use them? What is a megapixel and why should I care?

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Best known as the creator of Lenore, everyones favorite cute little dead girl, there is a much greater scope to Dirges artwork than ever meets the eye in his humorous and off key comics. This lavish hardcover showcases Dirges work in all its morbid glory, with over 100 full color illustrations and accompanying commentary by Roman himself. Taxidermied exhibits, for the first time, the full range of Dirges unique style. Including never before seen material, this is a collection of Romans work outside his graphic novels.

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I cannot remember when I first saw the book Idols by Gilles Larrain. All I know is that ever since I got it, it is been a huge influence on me. Idols is one of the best photographic books I have ever seen. It was published in 1973 and is a collection of studio portraits of trannies, gender benders, and just generally awesome looking people in New York City.

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